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The Tradition Continues: Halloween Costume Winners 2021

Seniors show off their creativity every year in the CHS Halloween tradition. Here are the winners for 2021:

First place for Large Group went to the Met Gala. Winners include: Abby Tillery, Ashton Smith, Cordell Jordan, Michael Woods, Charles Stone, Hogan Mayhew, Lucy May, Tylar Novlesky, Hannah Woods (top row) Gideon Amissah, Bryson Moore, Amelia Owens, Sydney Walheim, Ellie James, Miller Connally (2nd row).

Second Place for Large Group went to Shrek Characters. From the top: Fiza Khan, Delaney Padgett, Lennon Graham, Madison Hanson, Abby McIlrath Carson Griffin, Ashley Thompson, Hailey Ratlief; bottom row: Sydney Tipton, Gracie Entlich, Bebe Norman

Famous Bald People took Third Place in Large Group. The group includes Ryan Smith, Ansley Ingram, Eli Williamson, Raley Powell, Janna Liscar, Devin Howard, Tucker Watson, Jack Carson; bottom row Allie Dunlap, Alexis Hinton, and LJ Frost.

Medium Group Winners are as follows: Hunter Willis, Kayson Reynolds, Zach Dennis, Fabian Ramos, Hugh Carney--Batman Characters (1st place); Maria Brown, Yuchan Cho, Pranati Yadlapalli, Nandini Shukla, Alex Cueva--Fairly Odd Parents (3rd); T'Anna Smith, Niyuna Robinson, Mariyhanna Brundidge, Zakeriyah Reese, Autumn Saunders, Brittney Wheeler, Summer Saunders--Arrested Villans (2nd Place)

Small Group Winners are: Promise Steele, Kennedy Scarbrough, Janiah Davis--Earth, Wind, and Fire (1st place); Caroline Lester, Roonie Berard, Grayson Dykes--Hocus Pocus (2nd place); Alexandria Thames, Lucas Laymon, Katie Nguyen, Nathan Villamora--Gods and Goddesses (3rd place)

Duo winners are Meera Srinivasan, MC McCoy--Farquad and Magic Mirror (1st); Brooke Tatum, Kayla Hicks--Molly Weasley and Howler (2nd); Ally Weaver and Laney Hart--Willy Wonka and Violet (3rd).

Individual winners are Gianni Ingurgio--Crusader (3rd), Abby Love--Blessing in Disguise (2nd), and Eli Hardegree--Jesus take the wheel (1st).

Congratulations to all the winners! Other seniors had a great showing as well. Juniors, time to start planning!


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