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What to Wear to Holiday Social

Many students are confused on what to wear to the Holiday Social. The CHS administration states that the Holiday Social required dress is “dressy.” As this can be interpreted differently, listed below are specific ideas on how to dress and where to go to find a “dressy” outfit for the traditional Holiday Social.

Festive colors (black, silver, gold, white, green, red, and blue) are best for the Holiday Social. For ladies a short dress, a skirt and blouse, or a pant suit, is perfect. As for the gentlemen, a suit or dress pants and a button up occupied by a bowtie or tie, are ideal. The gentlemen are asked that they tuck their shirts in and wear a belt to go with, if possible. Tennis shoes are not appropriate for the Social, so dress shoes, flats, or heels, are ideal.

Additionally, due to COVID-19, masks will be required. Ms. Allen recommends that students overdress rather than underdress. Mrs. Brand says, "[Dress] like what you'd wear to church, but fun and festive." The Holiday Social is meant to be fun, so try not to stress too much over what to wear.

Good Places to Look:

  • Cider (online)

  • Papaya

  • Limelush Boutique

  • Bluedoor boutique

  • Goodwill

  • Men's Warehouse

  • Old Navy

  • Plato’s Closet

  • Dillards

  • Macy’s

  • JCPenney

  • Nordstrom

  • Amazon

  • Kohl's

  • Men's Club

  • Casanova

Examples of what not to wear:

This is not appropriate because it has spaghetti straps and is backless.

This is not appropriate because it is spaghetti straps and is a long dress.

While a blouse and coat are dressy, the shirt is low cut and denim is not appropriate.

While the button down is appropriate, denim is not.

Holiday suits are not appropriate for this professional event.

Examples of what to wear:

This is very appropriate since he is wearing a nice button down and tie with dress pants. Men are to have their shirts tucked in during the Holiday Social, so this outfit is perfect.

This outfit is very appropriate because she is wearing a "dressy" suit. Dress pants and a blouse are acceptable for girls and fits the requirement.

Both these outfits are perfect for the Holiday Social. The blue dress fits the "dressy" requirement and the skirt with sweater is perfect for the holidays

Both ladies are wearing festive colors and are within dress-code.

These dresses are both "dressy" and in dress-code, so the young ladies' outfits are perfect.

The students are both dressed to a tee for the "dressy" dress-code.

All three students are dressed appropriately for the Holiday Social.

These dresses are fitting for the Holiday Social. Both ladies are wearing festive colors, while having fun.

Both students are dressed perfectly for the Holiday Social. The red bowtie suits the holiday theme well.


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