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A Blend of Students Come Together for Blender Club

Columbus High School students join Yuchan Cho to learn the ins and outs of 3D modeling.

Yuchan Cho is the president of Blender Club and Mrs.Brand is the sponsor. Cho is a Senior who puts together the virtual club meetings for Blender Club.

Blender Club is focused on learning 3D modeling and applying it to the software Blender. In the club students learn how to create 3D shapes and models. Students within the club express themselves through 3D modeling instead of traditional art styles.

“I started 3D modeling as a hobby back when the pandemic started, and the most fun part about it is that I get to teach and collaborate with others on a passion that I simply love doing,” Cho said.

3D modeling is a very rapidly developing technology that is not yet introduced to many mainstream platforms. It can be seen on an everyday basis, including when watching Pixar movies.

“I sucked at drawing and painting,” Cho explained, “This demotivated me for a while, but I still had a lot of ideas I wanted to express physically, and 3D modeling allowed me to bring those concepts to life.”

Cho hopes that students who join Blender Club will find a way they can express their creativity.

“Students learn how to create 3D shapes and models from a collection of vertices by manipulating their location within the 3D viewpoint,” Cho explained.

At the moment, the club has 20 club members, and students are welcome to join at any time. Currently, the club is trying to get in-person meetings in the third floor computer lab , but for the time being, the meetings are Wednesdays over Zoom. The meetings are also recorded for members that can not make it on time to the Zoom meeting.

“There really is an endless amount of possibilities [within 3D modeling],” Cho exclaimed.


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