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Literary Team Wins Regionals

On March 4th, the CHS Literary Team competed at LaGrange College and won eight out of the twelve categories. These results mean that the Literary Team will be participating in the state competition in Milledgeville, GA on March 26th.

The Literary competition consisted of writing, speaking, singing, and dramatic interpretation. Within these different categories, several CHS Literary Team members earned top placements.

For writing, Charlotte Young won first place in Rhetorical Analysis. Jonathan Marto and Nicki Howard earned first place in extemporaneous speaking.

Meera Srinivisan and Trae Tolbert both achieved first place in the girl’s and boy’s singing solos. The boy’s quartet also accomplished first place and consisted of Charlie Hearn, Trae Tolbert, Brandon Ingram, and Carson Tomlinson.

"The [Literary Meet] helped me grow closer to my quartet, and it was was fun," Carson Tomlinson (10) expressed.

In dramatic interpretation, Kendall Simmons earned first place in the category of “dramatic”, while Lexi Sherer won for the “humor” section.

Tanay Pathakamuri, Eva Cheraisi, Meera Srinivisan, Kate Langbo, and Shakthi Senthilnathan are other members of the Literary team who earned top three placements in varying areas of the competition.

This year, the CHS Literary Team consists of seventeen people. In the music category, students try-out for a position on the Literary Team. For the other areas of writing, speaking, and acting, teachers select outstanding students who fit the criteria for the Literary Team.

Once members of the Literary Team are confirmed, students practice their skills and learn the rules and rubrics regarding Literary Competitions.

The CHS Literary Team has shown amazing potential in the Regional Literary Meet, and it can be expected that they will put forth their best performances for state.


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