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FRC World Championship for Robotics

The FRC World Championship for Robotics took place April 21st-23rd in Houston, Texas. After days of determined work, the CHS Robotics team ended their season in the semifinals.

In the competition, the Robotics team went through a series of qualification matches to determine their overall rank. A qualification match consists of two randomly selected teams that are scored based on their mechanisms’ performances.

During every match, six members are required to participate. Each person plays an important role in either scouting, driving, or being a part of the pit team. CHS sophomore Ahra Gandhi, for instance, was the Robotics team's scouting lead.

“I was in charge of collecting, managing, and analyzing data to ensure that our team got the furthest in the competition,” Gandhi explained.

The FRC World Championship was international, meaning that hundreds of teams from different states and countries competed. For many members of the Robotics team, the championship offered a valuable social experience.

“I got to talk to so many cool people including scout leads, team captains, and drive team members from the best teams in the world. All of them were the sweetest, most driven people I’ve ever met,” Gandhi expressed.

Aiden Townsend (12) also enjoyed the competition, describing it as "full of energy."

Townsend is one of two Robotics team captains, and he is also responsible for piloting the team's robot.

When asked about advice for future Robotics team members, Townsend suggested for students to dedicate themselves to the team.

"Find ways to inject yourself into [the team], and spend a lot of time at Robotics. The more time you spend, the more opportunities you'll find," the senior stated.

Alongside their peers, the CHS Robotics team concluded a successful season at the diverse FRC World Championship of 2022.


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