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Academic Decathalon Aces Competition and Destroys Opponents

Columbus High Schools Academic Decathalon team will be going to Nationals in April after winning the State Championship in Super Quiz, Divison l State Champion, and High Score Team for Divison ll in National Qualifiers.

The club is for people who love learning about new things and tests. The competition consists of taking tests in literature, science, social science, music, art, history, math, and additionally writing an essay on the chosen topic for the year. The next trials are speech and interview where the speech is allowed to be about anything.

Academic Decathlon arriving in Atlanta after a long bus ride, excited for SuperQuiz and a night full of festivities and meeting new people.

On Saturday, after all, interviews and speeches were conducted, the team decides to go out for a quick round of Neon mini-golf.

Academic Decathlon team after awards announced with 10 individual medals and Super Quiz medals draped on winners. Top Row: AJ Schmidt, Jacob Herlihy

Bottom row: Bennett Stoltz, Erin Foster, Owen Steele, Charlotte Young, Lilly Booker


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