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A Group of Teens Working to Improve Communities: Teen Advisors

Gathered in a small coffee shop, talking about how to lift their communities and schools to new heights, is a group of teens who want to be a part of something greater; Teen Advisors.

Teen Advisors is a group of students who meet to make change happen in their schools and communities. The students are from various schools, but they share a common interest to improve their communities and have a connection to God.

Lillian Robinson, a Sophomore, joined Teen Advisors this year and has truly enjoyed it.

“My favorite part of Teen Advisors is all the amazing people I’ve met through it,” Lillian addressed. “We have games that we play to bond and we talk about any issues we are having in our lives.”

Teen advisors are aided by college students who want to help high school students grow as individuals.

Typically, Teen advisors would go to schools to empower their peers to make better choices and be a better person. The group strives to impact other teenagers by offering support and a positive light.

“We help students deal with the problems in their community and school through Christ,” Robinson said.

Currently, the group of teenagers has been working to advocate for teenage and mental health rights. Some Teen Advisors have also been working with middle schoolers to encourage them to join the Teen Advisors younger groups.

“You can still join Teen Advisors at" Lillian Robinson concluded enthusiastically. The deadline to join Teen Advisors is September 29, 2021.


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