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Bleeding Blue: A Look at the Blue Brigade’s Past, Present, and Future

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

School spirit is one of the many features at CHS that sets it apart from other schools. This Blue Devil spirit is embodied by the school’s Blue Brigade.

The Blue Brigade has served as Columbus High’s “pep squad” for years. Their duties included attending numerous sporting events, leading pep rallies, and proudly displaying pride for their school.

In recent years, faculty and staff would select about 4-6 seniors that they believed to have best represented school spirit. This exclusive group of students would take on the responsibility of leading the student sections in chants and cheers whether the team was winning or losing.

The Blue Brigade’s origins trace back to 2010 when a group of students decided to display their spirit in ways that had not been done before at Columbus High.

“The Blue Brigade was created by a group of boys who hand-made flags and ran around [at football games] whenever they wanted,” recounts Mrs. Willis, “That was the extent of it. There was no leading the crowd. It was just running around with the flags.”

These students took their spirit a step further, producing and selling Blue Brigade t-shirts to their classmates.

“It was not official, so much so that when they created Blue Brigade shirts, they sold them out of their cars at the Chick Fil A parking lot.”

Along the way, the school began selecting 5-6 seniors that would lead the student section and embody school spirit at Columbus High. Over time, the title of "Blue Brigade" was given solely to that group of students.

“That to me is where it went downhill,” explains Willis, “It wasn’t organic anymore. Those leaders weren’t just happening, they were being assigned.”

The number of Blue Brigade applicants has decreased more and more each year, with there being very few applicants for this year’s Blue Brigade. This ultimately led to the end of the “Blue Brigade” that students have known in recent years. However; the Blue Brigade still remains.

Just two months into the school year, multiple students have stepped up as leaders at pep rallies and football games alike. One of these students, Amelia Owens (12) has not skipped a beat, taking every opportunity she has to unite the student body as one Blue Brigade.

"There doesn't need to be an exclusive group for Blue Brigade," remarks Owens, "All students who go to the next level for spirit can 100% be included."


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