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Building Robots One Piece at a Time: Robotics Club

Aspiring engineers join together to build robots from scratch and complete engineering tasks.

Robotics Club teaches students how to do different engineering-oriented tasks. The club creates robots from scratch, too. The Robotics Club then takes their knowledge to compete against other teams by completing engineering-oriented tasks.

Arha Gandi is a sophomore who does media, scouting, and programming for the Robotics Club. She helps mentor other teams associated with the Robotics Club, including the FTC Teams, Ecliptic and Astrobots.

“My favorite part about [Robotics Club] is the relationships you build throughout the year,” Gandi exclaims, “You get to talk to people all around the world at these competitions.”

Competition season hasn’t started yet, but during the off-season competition in July, the club took home awards both days. On the second day, the team was ranked first in the qualification matches.

Even though the competitions were different due to COVID-19, Robotics Club won first in their group last year. Usually, Robotics Club makes it to the world championships, and the club even placed at worlds in 2017.

“[Robotics Club] is as close as you can get to actually doing engineering in high school,” Gandi says.

There is no prior knowledge required to be a part of Robotics club. Gandi explains, “all you need to have is the willingness to try and learn new things.”

The Robotics Club is run by Mr. Richardson who has been a physics teacher at Columbus High for twenty-four years.

Unfortunately, students can no longer join Robotics Club at this time. However, the club would love new applicants for next year's team.


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