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CHS Girls in Stem: Advice from the Best

Richna Krishnan

In 1970, Men made up 73% of all STEM workers, while women were 38% ( (Fry, Kennedy,


Currently, this is no longer the case. Together with CHS today, many girls and young women are working towards creating a better environment for young women interested in STEM.

Here is some advice from our very own, powerful young women (CHS upperclassmen!):

Arha Gandhi:

Arha Gandhi, a junior at CHS, has been a member of the CHS robotics team since her

freshman year. For the team, she is one of the only female programmers, and is head of the team’s Outreach.

Arha is a proud member of GEMS [Girls Engineering Math and Science], GPS [Girls Problem

Solving] , and runs a separate program named Build Brave Girls, where she works to inspire

young women interested in STEM.

She wants to pursue a career as a mechanical engineer or a neurosurgeon, and CHS has

helped Arha get closer to her dream.

Arha remarks, “CHS has provided me with opportunities such as Robotics that has helped me with my career and connected me to others on the same path. It has helped me become a better leader.

Some advice Arha has for young girls who are interested in STEM: “Try a variety of things before deciding on what you do. Without trying multiple activities, you won’t be able to know exactly what you like.”

Arha, like many others, is working to give women more recognition on CHS teams.

Saanvika is a junior that has been a part of the CHS Robotics team for two years. Earlier this year, she attended the World’s Robotics Competition

where she, along with her teammates, represented Columbus High in Houston Texas.

Saanvika does mechanical engineering for the team. Along with this, she is a proud member of CHS GEMS. She has a passion for science and technology and wants to become an industrial or aerospace engineer.

“CHS helped me get closer to my career through Robotics,” she explained, “I learned the basic processes of engineering.”

“[CHS] also helped me to break out of my comfort zone, start to be more professional, and learn presentational skills.”

Saanvika shares advice that , “You should surround yourself with an uplifting community that will support and guide you.”

Neha Nakirikanti is a senior, who is a proud member of the CHS Math Team, GEMS, and GPS [Girls Problem Solving] and many other clubs and honor societies.

She has also been selected for many prestigious programs, one such as the Governor’s Honors Program, and started her own karaoke club.

She wants to pursue a field in data science

Neha explains, “Numbers have always provided me with so much love, I truly could not be more thankful for the amazing teachers CHS has...each one has pushed my curiosity and love of mathematics . . .Through their amazing encouragement, I have found my passion.”

Through her love for math, Neha shares some valuable advice for young girls leaning towards a career in STEM: “Curiosity can propel your passion for STEM in phenomenal ways, never let others’ opinions prevent you from speaking out!”

Meghan Koh is a recently graduated CHS alumni. Through her passion for science, she has decided to pursue higher education in Chemistry and Biology. Meghan wants to be a doctor.

“CHS has helped me get closer to my career by allowing [her] to have good time management and the ability to study.”

Meghan inspires young girls by letting them know to never give up. Now, women make up a whopping 50 percent of STEM workers as of 2017 with more than 19.1 million workers aged 25 and older (Fry, Kennedy, Funk), and it doesn’t stop there. Bounded together in their love and passion for STEM, CHS helped these students become closer and closer to their future careers by turning dreams into reality.


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