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The Fashion Enthusiast: Katelyn Rulon

Katelyn Rulon is a sophomore with an avid interest in fashion. With thoughtful advice and reflection, Rulon gives her input on the importance of style for her personally as well as the CHS student body.

To begin with, Rulon’s one-of-a-kind outfits come from a variety of locations.

“I love to thrift! The idea of finding a piece of clothing that I can re-purpose and personalize is exciting to me. I enjoy Goodwill and any kind of local businesses that have cool and vintage clothing!"

As for her inspiration, Rulon explains that the first step to create a personalized outfit is thinking outside of the box.

“I put pieces together that people may not think would be a great idea, and really just make them my own. I am inspired by new patterns that can be mixed and matched with each other!”

Rulon views her clothing choice as a creative outlet and valuable form of self expression.

“[Fashion] allows me to really show off my artistic and creative side through what I’m wearing. Being able to add my own personal touch to my clothing makes me feel so happy. I learned how to sew when I was young, so I also make a lot of my clothing.”

Rulon is considering selecting sewing for her senior project, so she can continue to create fabulous handmade pieces.

Outside of her personal relation to clothing style, Rulon also puts great emphasis on the importance of fashion for the student body.

“[Fashion] is a way to put pieces of yourself and what makes you unique into your outfits. These small details will be noticed by other people walking by! Fashion allows others to catch a glimpse of your personality.”


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