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The Top of the List: Fiza Khan and the Presidential Scholars Program

The Presidential Scholars Program is a highly selective honors program for high school seniors who show exceptional leadership and exhibit talent in the visual, creative, and literary arts. Every year, over 161 students from around the United States (US) are distinguished as Presidential Scholars, one of the highest honors for high school students across the US. In addition, the program also offers study abroad opportunities for students excited about culture immersion, global politics, economics, and social ideals.

Fiza Khan, a senior at Columbus High School (CHS) recently got the honor to participate in the program as a Presidential Scholar.

"After reading about it I knew it was something I wanted to try and get because of the wonderful opportunities it offers especially with study abroad!"

Khan has shown her immense interest in the interactive study abroad opportunities the program offers, and she is particularly excited at the possibility of taking classes at Oxford University through the program.

When asked how one could get involved with the program, Khan stated, "To get involved, I had to apply and get into the honors college at CSU, and then interview for the scholarship. It was really easy"

In addition, Khan made clear that " I would say the most important part about trying to be a presidential scholar is being well-rounded. You can be really smart and make all hundreds in every class, but at the end of the day, they don’t want someone who’s just a good test taker. They want someone who can be a leader and connect with all types of people and beyond."


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