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CHS Student Uses Senior Project to Make a Change: Tru Marsh

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Some people choose to do archery for their senior project, some choose to learn how to train a dog, but others decide to do something that hits close to home.

Tru Marsh, being one of these students, decided to do an academic inquiry about breast cancer because her mother was diagnosed around the time of writing proposals.

Expanding her knowledge of breast cancer through her senior project allows her to have an outlet to explore this topic and learn enough to help her mom and others in similar situations.

The inquiry requires readings on medical records, research, and a 25-minute documentary, in order to correctly document and analyze the physical and psychological effects of breast cancer.

An academic inquiry is a research project that consists of documentaries and active learning that starts by posing questions and problems. This contrasts with traditional education, which heavily relies on a teacher presenting facts and their knowledge on a specific subject.

Throughout this project, Marsh has been able to discover ways to help prevent or lower the chances of

breast cancer, such as, consistently getting scans, eating healthy, and consistent workout routines.

“ From this project, I have been able to better understand what patients are going through and help my mom more than I could before,” stated Marsh.

The senior project is used to allow students to take on a large task, learn how to properly manage their time, and learn effective skills for life after high school.

Through this process, Marsh was able to create and host two fundraisers for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The first fundraiser was set up at the CHS block party during homecoming week. Marsh set up a balloon dart game made from wood scraps- raising over 300 dollars.

The second fundraiser she created was a T-shirt sale, raising over 150 dollars in the first week of sales. All proceeds raised during both fundraisers were donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

"The most challenging part of this [project] has definitely been learning about the things people with this disease go through," remarked Marsh, "[and] I relate it back to my mom and understand what she is going through currently."


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