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Columbus High Competition Cheer Tumbles Into a New Season

The Columbus High Competition Cheer team makes a strong return, placing first in both the Stars Mill Classic and the Troup County Classic.

In 2020, the team was affected in many different ways, and many aspects of cheerleading were missing due to the ongoing effects of the pandemic and inevitable changes in the mandates and protocols that came with it.

The girls were quarantined twice, prolonging the cheer season by 4 months, resulting in the

Columbus High Competition Cheer Team Places first at Stars Mill Classic on September 18.

state competition to be in February instead of November.

Cheer is a challenging sport due to the variety of formations, stunts, and flips the team has to accomplish and the COVID-19 regulations and restrictions made it much more difficult to achieve the success they all strived for.

“ The hardest part of cheerleading is keeping a positive mentality [while] waiting to go on stage [to] perform,” said Lydian Jones.

However, this cheer season is off to a great start with two wins and many more to come. The season will go as scheduled this year and state competitions will take place in November!

The Competition Cheer team is excited to finally be back to ‘normal’ after a tough previous year.

“ This year I am excited to participate in things we didn’t have last year," remarks Aleeya Hudson. " It’s been fun getting the chance to interact with teams from different schools."


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