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Deep Diving Into Catherine Kennedy's Senior Project

Catherine Kennedy has always loved to be around the water, doing many activities such as swimming, paddle boarding, and going to the beach. So, she decided to use her senior project to learn a new skill that would benefit her while on vacation: scuba diving.

For her project, Kennedy is expected to achieve her advanced scuba diving certification through completing the normal scuba diving course along with all the advanced courses, and five advanced open water dives.

Through this project, she has been given the opportunity to travel more and explore new coastal places.

Kennedy has explored Key Largo and Vortex Spring, Florida.

“One of my favorite places I went to was Key Largo, where I got to dive on two wreck sites and two reefs,” remarked Kennedy, “ In addition, I have gotten to see new things such as different fish in the wild.”

At Columbus High School, the senior project has always been a tradition. It has been used as a way to allow students to learn good time management skills needed in college.

“ I think the senior project benefits me because I have gained a new sense of responsibility,” stated Kennedy.

Throughout the project, Kennedy has learned many skills, such as, how to work on BCD, hook up air tanks, and learn proper respect for other divers and the underwater environment.

Although learning how to scuba dive has been a great learning experience, it wasn’t easy to plan around a busy schedule of college applications, swim practice, and homework.

“My project has affected me in an extremely positive way, diving is now my new favorite hobby, and I plan to continue diving recreationally after graduation,” said Kennedy.


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