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Ding Dong! Ping Pong Time!

Columbus High’s Ping Pong Club meets every Monday in the cafeteria after school. All students are welcome to join the club.

Also known as Table tennis, ping pong is a game played with either two or four players. These players use small rackets to hit a lightweight ball back and forth.

Although there is skill and strategy involved in ping pong, one does not need to have extreme athletic ability to enjoy the game.

When it comes to experience, the club accepts beginner ping pong players. With around forty members, the Ping Pong Club offers plenty of peer-to-peer teaching for those new to the game.

“I found the [atmosphere] very relaxed and full of friendly competition,” Eli Hardegree (12) states.

Veteran ping pong players, on the other hand, can look forward to joining the ping pong team and participating in the future tournament that will be held in February of 2022.

“Half of the club [members] are playing for fun, while the other half are playing for the ping pong team,” Meredith, one of the club hosts, explains.

With characteristics that appeal to all skill sets, ping pong is ideal to participate in when a student has free time on their hands.

The Ping Pong Club also hosts their meetings alongside the Chess Club. Oftentimes, students will also bring in a handful of board games to add to the experience.

If a student is interested in making new friends, playing ping pong and chess, or learning something new, stopping by the cafeteria is the next step to success.


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