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Ending the Season with a Splash: Swim Team

The CHS Swim Team has achieved high placements in the 2022 State Swim Meet that was held February 3-5th. This competition marked the end of a rewarding season for the CHS swimmers.

For the State Swim Meet, the team was able to send sixteen swimmers to compete. The large meet was held in Atlanta, Georgia at the McAuley Aquatic Center, and it consisted of around forty teams.

During the State competition, the swim teams were divided into different sections based on how large the school was. The 1A-5A section was dedicated to smaller schools, while the 6A-7A section was for larger schools.

The CHS swimmers competed in the 1A-5A section and earned placements in the smaller divisions of 4A and 4A-5A.

In the 4A section of the competition, the girl’s team placed 3rd while the boy’s team secured 5th place. The 4A-5A portion ended with the girl’s team in 4th place and the boy’s team in 12th place.

Overall, the CHS Swim Team achieved strong placements at the State Swim Meeting.

The Swim Team has also consistently won local and regional competitions. The swimmers earned first place in the Holly Jolly Meet, Jingle Jam Meet, the MCSD Relay, Danny Durham Invitational, and MCSD Regionals.

Now that the season has come to an end, CHS swimmers have had time to reflect on the positive aspects of their competitions and the bonds the team shares.

“My favorite aspect of being on the team was getting to hang out with all my friends while encouraging each other to do well,” Grey Sullivan (10) expressed.

“I enjoyed the friendly environment and competition I shared with my teammates,” Matthew Smith (10) said.

With high placements and multiple successes, the Swim Team has had a noteworthy 2021-2022 season.


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