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First Official Meeting for Spanish Club was held last Tuesday

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

The Columbus High School community is about to see a club rise to fame. The first official meeting of the Spanish club was held Tuesday after school in the cafeteria which became packed with the arrival of students from all different backgrounds and grade levels.

According to its organizer, Senor Vargas, the purpose of the club is to spread awareness about Hispanic culture and ideals throughout the local community and abroad.

Maria Howard, a sophomore student and member of the Spanish club, agreed with Senor Vargas stating “I am a Hispanic person, and it is important to learn about Hispanic culture and connect with the Hispanic community.”

Another member of the club, Soham Patel, a junior, states that he joined the Spanish club because “I love Hispanic culture and history, and I take Spanish!”

For the upcoming Homecoming Block Party, the club seeks to sell Latino foods (including Mexican and Brazilian candies), drinks, and trinkets.

Senor Vargas has voiced that in the future he plans to have the club send students abroad to Spanish-speaking countries to fully immerse the students in Hispanic culture and the environment.

The club meets every other Tuesday, and the annual fee is ten dollars.


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