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French Club: A Culture Immersion

The French Club has combined with the French Honor Society to present a valuable club that allows students to experience French culture and improve their language skills.

This year, the French Club has made several adjustments to better accommodate COVID 19 and to provide more beneficial activities for the students involved in the club.

The French Club currently has around fifty active members. With a smaller number of students, this better allows the club to design their gatherings with COVID regulations.

The French Club meets the first Friday of every month. These gatherings can consist of multiple things such as games, French movies and music, crafts, and parties to celebrate French Culture.

During gatherings, students participate in a variety of games that range from French Jeopardy to the French game of Boules.

Other activities like Matisee art take a more creative approach. Matisse art involves using scissors and glue to construct colorful and bold designs. Such crafts allow students to express themselves and learn about French culture.

One activity, an Eiffel Tower Project, consisted of students using popsicle sticks to construct the famous French architecture.

“The sentimental memories that are attached to [this]; I remember these kids,” Madam Trahan expresses while proudly holding an Eiffel Tower.

Students take the lead in the French Club with leadership positions like President, Vice President, and officers. With the guidance of Madame Trahan, the leaders design new games and creative projects for the French Club to do.

For students who prefer the academic-aspect of clubs, the French Club offers a head start for French students to excel.

”It’s not just food, music, art and games. It’s also helping the [students] to speak more French and understand how the language works without a classroom atmosphere.”

The French Club plans to host several future parties including Mardi Gras, French Petanque and a Crepe Party.

Any student taking a French Class may join the club, along with former students who have past French class credit.

Joining the French Club allows students to not only be surrounded by peers with similar interests but also take the next big step in their French education.


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