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From Mythology Project to Senior Project: Focusing in on Baylen Whorton

Baylen Whorton, Columbus High Junior, is someone that students may know from the marching trombones of the football field. I found them while studying for a math test to ask what one thing they would always treasure from their time at Columbus High School.

“I liked doing the mythology project with friends," said Whorton, "I loved Mrs. Willis's class, and while my actual mythology project was stressful, helping friends do theirs was super fun.”

They spoke about their excitement about the mythology project, and while they had a handful of hiccups with their own project, they had a wonderful time with their friends and the project.

"For the mythology project, I remember going to my friend Riley's house with some other friends and helping be some roles they didn't have enough people to fill. I even remember being beheaded by a frisbee that's always fun. Going to the park to help be a few roles then going to their house to work on the actual project.”

We continued to speak about their memories of freshman year and their goals for the rest of the year. Then they commented about one of their favorite teachers and her impact.

“Mrs. Willis is the best cause I have her for homeroom too. She's great and one of my favorite teachers. I hope I get her class for Senior project.”

We finally got on the topic of Senior project due to the fact that Baylen is a Junior; therefore they will be solidifying their final project decision in the coming months. They have decided to do programming as a year-long project as their father works as a programmer within the community.

“My father is a programmer and I really look up to him, it’s easy, and I think it would be fun.”


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