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Gearing Up for Competitions: Robotics Team

The Robotics Team after Kickoff on January 8th.

Arha Gandhi, Vincent Yang, and Raymond Yao coding together.

Tashaun Butler, Yan Lin and Wynn Williams working in Robotics together.

Izabella Turner and Kaylee Jarvis testing batteries.

The Robotics Team's CNC being used for the chassis (the load-bearing framework of an artificial object).

Tashaun Butler fixing parts for Robotics.

Tashaun Butler and Sidney Sims working as a team in Robotics Club.

Saanvika Chanda and Rachel Pedrozo in Robotics Club.

Rachel Pedrozo and Saanvika Chanda (from left to right).

Saanvika Chanda and Rachel Pedrozo (from left to right).

Krista Cooley and McKay Carroll with one of Robotics Team's build.


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