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Getting Students #ready4LIFE

Columbus High School is known for its focus on preparing students for college, but another program offers students with disabilities an opportunity to transition into adult life.

The #ready4LIFE program is a state transition program that is a movement from school to post-school environments, according to the Georgia Department of Education.

For students with disabilities, they have the opportunity to partake in the #ready4LIFE program. The #ready4LIFE program focuses on the skills students will need to transition from high school to the workforce and become involved members of the community.

The program focuses on many job categories such as automotive, animal, child and patient care, retail, food service, and clerical work. The instructors teach the students the skills needed to succeed in these fields.

“Our main focus is Community-Based Instruction or CBI,” says Ms. Jackson, a #ready4LIFE teacher at Columbus High.

The community-based instruction offered in the #ready4LIFE program includes volunteering at local businesses and organizations such as the Ronald McDonald House, Goodwill, and St. Paul’s Church. The students also work in the CHS Media Center and pass out the Spirit tags to competing CHS students weekly.

The Columbus High School #ready4LIFE program is partnering with the Ronald McDonald House Charity to collect items for those staying in the houses. The requested donation items are things that families need the most such as non-perishable food, cleaning supplies, and baby items. These donations can be dropped off at the #ready4LIFE classroom, room 128.


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