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Interested in The History of Art and Humanity? Take AP Art History

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Columbus High School offers over 30 AP classes, but there is only one that combines two subjects, AP Art History.

According to College Board, AP Art History "explores the history of art across the globe." The course covers major works of art from the year 30,000 BCE to the present day and works all across the globe split into 10 different units.

AP Art History is taught by Ms. Albright and is available to CHS sophomores, juniors, and seniors. AP Art History also qualifies as a fine art elective for students trying to meet graduation requirements.

In AP Art History, students are required to know 250 global artworks and examine them for form, function, context, and content.

"If you're a person who likes art, you'll like AP Art History," says CHS sophomore Mia Lazalde. "The hardest part is paying full attention to what you are discussing and finding the context behind the paintings," notes Lazalde.

"It is a lot of memorization," says Albright, "but most importantly seeing connections."

"AP Art History is one of my favorite courses," says CHS senior Bennett Stoltz. "If you come in with the right attitude and give the class the right amount of attention," says Stoltz, "it will be a very easy course."

The overall theme of the course is "human creation" says Albright, and anyone "who has an interest in history, art, and culture" should take this course.

The course is equal to a two-semester art history course at most colleges, and most colleges accept the credit with a 3 or 4 on the exam. AP Art History has a 3-hour AP exam with an 80-question multiple-choice section and a 6 question free-response section.

"AP Art History is the history of human creation," says Albright, "it will change your worldview, give you perspective, teach you passion and introspection, and involve you in a lifelong dialogue of what it means to be human."


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