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Thinking About AP Psychology?

Being one of two Advancement Placement classes offered to freshmen at Columbus High School, AP Psychology can be an introduction into the rigorous style of accelerated classes.

Psychology projects showcased on the stairwell by Coach Peters' classroom. These drawings depict the different parts of a neuron.

For those who have never taken AP Psych—or maybe upcoming sophomores who have yet to take an AP class—what is there to know about this course?

Students in AP Psychology study “our behaviors and mental processes” says veteran AP psych teacher Coach Peters. “We attempt to understand how we think and why we act the way we do.”

For upperclassmen who didn’t take psychology earlier in their academic career, Peters believes it is still absolutely worth taking in later years.

“The knowledge of why individuals and ourselves act the way we do allows for critical thinking opportunities,” Peters says. “This is a chance for us all to become mentally healthier individuals and understanding people.”

Even students who won’t pursue careers directly related to psychology can still benefit from the class.

“AP Psych can benefit any path. Everything from advertising to medicine can benefit from this course. The research component benefits those interested in science fields. The understanding of behaviors as we interact with others aids those in business,” Peters reports.

Psychology has become a component of the Medical College Admission Test, Peters adds. This test is required by almost all medical schools, including Mercer University School of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and John Hopkins School of Medicine.

Lester, Timaj (10) and Sharma, Aiman (10) posing with their psychology projects. Their hats depict the different structures of the brain.

Additionally, taking and passing the AP Psych exam will earn students 3 hours of college credit in most introductory psychology courses, meaning they will be able to skip the class as a freshman in college.

Taking a rigorous course like AP Psych also demonstrates the ability to accept challenges and take on demanding workloads, regardless of AP exam scores.

Students who recognized these advantages and enrolled in AP Psychology have their own advice for others who decide to take the course.

The key to success is “taking notes [and asking] questions when you don’t understand something,” according to sophomore Aadhav Sethuram, who took the class as a freshman.

“Don’t study for long periods of time, but study in intervals with short breaks in between so that you can retain the information better,” he adds.

For students who are interested in AP Psychology, they can request the class during course selection, which usually takes place during February of each school year.


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