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Hard Work and Determination: Defying All Odds Against Her

Bennett Stoltz is living proof that a person does not have to be born with a silver spoon in their mouth to succeed in life. You can come from a challenging background and still make an imprint on society.

Stoltz was raised by a single mother in a lower-income household. From a young age, she understood that her future would depend on her own determination.

“I knew that I would have to double my work efforts to change the outcome of my story,” Stoltz explained.

It takes true ambition for someone to change their lifestyle and center it around achieving two goals: to defy all odds against them, and come out on top of their situation. Bennett Stoltz knows better than anyone that this path does not come without a price.

“I had to sacrifice a lot of relationships with people because of how goal-centered I am,” Stoltz confessed.

When asked what advice to give to others who wish to be hard-working, Stoltz suggested to push yourself towards a goal and eliminate obstacles, but never forget to take care of yourself.

“You need time for yourself, but remove things that distract you from goals. A break is different from procrastination.”

Stoltz has found a passion for Political Analysis and Deconstructional Politics. She has written on serious topics, such as the rise in Asian-American hate in the United States, Alt Right and Social Media, and the rise of White Supremacy in America and how it corresponds to nationalism. Stoltz wants everyone to have access to important issues that are present in our lives.

Bennett Stoltz is an admirable woman always pushing to achieve her personal best in life, but she isn't done. A hopeful future lies ahead for Stoltz as she continues to pursue her goals.


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