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Jordyn Howard Finishes Quest with Questbridge; A Full Ride to Northwestern Waits for Her

Jordyn Howard is a Senior that is well-known throughout the school, whether that be for her debate skills or for the clubs she is active in. Recently, she was accepted into Northwestern University with the assistance of the Questbridge program.

“The process was a long one! Students who apply to Questbridge must submit an application in September with lots of essays, recommendations, and financial information. Students find out about becoming finalists in late October, and they go on to match in early December,” Howard stated.

The Questbridge website states that the program is for “high-achieving, low-income students” and with “strength in character and motivation.” With over 45 different college partners, there is a school for everyone within the program.

Jordyn suggests to other students who want to enter the program to “Utilize both your school counselors and the admissions counselors! The process can be very scary with so much left to interpretation, but counselors heavily assisted me with making decisions and ultimately helped me get to where I am today.”

“Even if you don't believe you have the potential, go for it! I cannot count the number of times I thought that I would not match with a school, and I will be attending my dream school free of cost. Reach out to friends, teachers, and alumni for help on things you might not understand. Most importantly, never underestimate your abilities or your potential!”


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1 Comment

Ainsley Braswell
Ainsley Braswell
Dec 10, 2021

Way to go Jordyn! Your hard work is paying off!

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