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Kicking it to Pacelli

Columbus High's girls soccer team played Pacelli on March 4th and won 3-0.

Kennedy Miller (#7) and London Horiuchi (#10) running up the field.

Lillian Robinson (#16) guarding the ball from a Pacelli player.

Alexis Steinhauser (#11) settling the ball.

Vallery Angrino (#8) dribbling up the field.

Carlie Almond (#15) jumping for a header.

Kennedy Miller (#7) and London Horiuchi (#10) preparing to transition from offense to defense.

Carlie Almond (#15) running after the ball.

Kennedy Miller (#7) rushing to earn the ball back.

Kennedy Miller (#7) checking to the ball.

Lillian Robinson (#16) running the ball up the field and preparing to score.

London Horiuchi (#10) attempting to score.


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