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Mock Trial Proceeds to District

The CHS Mock Trial team earned third place in their 2022 regional competition. The competition was held virtually over the span of three days in the beginning of February.

In the regional competition, three of the CHS team members were recognized with individual awards.

Jordyn Howard (12) and August Mobley (10) won “Outstanding Attorney." Kunj Patel (11) received the “Outstanding Witness” award.

“I’ve been investing a lot of time into Mock Trial, and I was very happy to be acknowledged,” August Mobley expressed.

The regional competition was the first match this year for the Mock Trial team, and it consisted of seven teams.

On March 5th, the Mock Trial team will travel to Douglasville, GA to participate in the district competition. The top two teams within this competition will then progress to state.

In a mock trial competition, teams from different schools prepare a prosecution and defense for a specific case. The team then presents their case at the competition, proceeding like a true trial.

"I believe that our defensive attorney is strong, and that will be our advantage [in the district competition]," stated Mobley.

The CHS Mock Trial team has been working diligently to prepare for competitions with practice court trials after school. With the guidance of Ms. Donovan, Mrs. Manderson, and Mrs. Courville, the team continues to sharpen their skills for the district competition.


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