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Pursuing State: Rifle Team

On February 23rd, the Rifle Team earned third place in the Area One Playoffs. The team’s overall score was 1121. The Rifle Team’s placement in the Area One Playoffs allowed them to shoot against McDonough.

This Thursday, March 17, the Rifle Team won the competition against McDonough that was held Columbus High's rifle range. The shooters who competed included Shruthi Sankar (11), Marissa Childs (11), Cade Tramel (10), Isabella Valentine (10), and Irene Cheon (10).

The final score for the competition was 1128-1120. This achievement means that the team will be progressing forward in the race for state.

In Rifle, the team’s overall score is a combination of all individual shooters’ points. A shooter earns points from firing their rifles in the standing, kneeling, and prone positions.

A good team score is considered to be an 1100 and above, and the Rifle Team works diligently to continuously shoot above this number throughout their competitions.

The next school the Rifle Team will be going up against will be the winner of the Glynn vs Ridgeland match.

If the Rifle Team wins against either Glynn or Ridegland, they will participate in the state competition.

Last year, the Rifle Team made it to the semi-finals for state. With hard work, the Rifle Team is intent on getting a shot at the state title this year.


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