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Raiders Leading the Way

Columbus High’s JROTC Raider Team recently competed in the Chattahoochee County Raider Competition this past month.

Their First Team placed 2nd overall and their Second Team placed 3rd, advancing them to compete in the state competitions this October.

The Raider Team is one of many JROTC extracurricular activities offered at CHS.

The team works together to complete a variety of tasks, including running miles, flipping tires, climbing walls, carrying military equipment across long distances, crossing bodies of water with rope, and running obstacle courses.

None of these tasks can be accomplished without strong leadership amongst the Raiders. The team is led by their Raider Team Commander, Wilton Rosario (12).

“It [my position] entails that I teach them the values of working together and pushing through the hardest of physical obstacles while they learn about leadership,” explains Rosario.

He teaches the team these values not only by leading them, but by also participating in those challenges, working alongside his teammates.

Communication is crucial for the team to succeed. “It also is a primary provider of motivation that we use,” remarks Rosario.

The values of teamwork and communication that are learned through these Raider Challenges apply to more than just ROTC career paths.

“Our purpose,” explains Rosario, “is to build purpose and teach the physical aspects of how important it is to work as a team.”


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