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Reading for a Living: CHS Reading Bowl

Recently, the inaugural Columbus High School Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Team placed 2nd at the West Regional competition last Saturday. In addition, National English Honor Society members acted as excellent scorekeepers, timekeepers, and team coordinators.

Dr. Kimberly Scott, head of the Columbus High School Reading Bowl, team states, “I’m very proud of the students that took part in the competition. In fact, Columbus High School is the first high school in the school district to have a Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Team, so this is a great achievement for the entire CHS community.”

Helen Ruffin, a media specialist in DeKalb County, Georgia, created the Reading Bowl to achieve her vision of having teams comprised of students from different schools across the state to compete to test their knowledge of a select twenty books; each book is a nominee from the Georgia Children’s Book Awards. During the competition, teams are tested on their knowledge of the books in a quiz-like format.

“Whichever team wins moves on to the next level of the competition. The levels include district, regional, division, and state competitions.” Dr. Scott explains.

The students who represented Columbus High School in the competition include: Eric Brown (10th grade), Harriet Chan (10th grade), Lechel Dye (10th grade), Wendy Gao (10th grade), Conner Howard (10th grade), Kaylan Jarvis (10th grade), Grace Johnson (10th grade), and Lydian Jones (10th grade).


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