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Senior Football Players Reflect on CHS Career

The Blue Devils Football team honored their seniors this Thursday, celebrating senior night.

The 9 seniors concluded their CHS football careers with an exclamation point, defeating the Shaw Raiders 49-7.

Before they took the field for their final game, some of the seniors took the time to reflect on their time playing football for the school.

Why do you play football?

#65 Dermon Richard (RT/DT): I play football because it’s just fun, and when I play, I’m at my happiest.

#14 Bridger Jones (K/P/WR): It’s my favorite thing on the planet. Football gives a sense of glory I believe can only be found playing football.

#9 Christopher Reed (DB): I play football because I enjoy competing against other people.

#4 John Cady (WR): I play football because I love the game.

#77 Damian Brown (OL/DL): I love the game of football, and it’s something I want to play until I can’t anymore.

What is your favorite memory from your time playing football for CHS?

#65 Dermon Richard (RT/DT): My favorite memory is my first start in a varsity game sophomore year against Hardaway.

#14 Bridger Jones (K/P/WR): Favorite memory would have to be freshman year playing against Northside, we won 34-3, and I had my name chanted in the student section, never had a feeling of such joy.

#9 Christopher Reed (DB): My favorite memory would have to be playing against Hardaway this year because it was the most competitive game I’ve ever played in my life.

#4 John Cady (WR): My favorite memory of playing is after a win getting hyped up in the locker room.

#77 Damian Brown (OL/DL): This year as a whole has been my favorite memory. Just being out there and giving it my all with my teammates is something I’ll think back to all the time.

What’s the biggest lesson you have learned?

#65 Dermon Richard (RT/DT): Biggest lesson I’ve learned is that I have to always do my job on the field and give it 100%. If not, things go wrong.

#14 Bridger Jones (K/P/WR): Definitely the biggest lesson would be how to want something and then to have to genuinely work really hard to attain it.

#9 Christopher Reed (DB): The biggest lesson I learned is that regardless of size. If you have the right mentality, you can do whatever you want.

#77 Damian Brown (OL/DL): The biggest lesson I learned is to stay patient and ready. You never know when your number will be called, so learning to wait has been a huge thing.

What are your plans for the future?

#65 Dermon Richard (RT/DT): Hopefully play college football at D2 or higher.

#14 Bridger Jones (K/P/WR): I would like to play football in college either at Samford, Vanderbilt, Wofford, or UGA.

#9 Christopher Reed (DB): I plan to attend UAB for their medical program and later become a pharmacist.

#77 Damian Brown (OL/DL): I plan on playing football in college. I just don’t know where yet.

What kind of legacy are you hoping to leave behind?

#65 Dermon Richard (RT/DT): I hope the underclassmen I taught lineman technique this year take what I learned and be great next year.

#14 Bridger Jones (K/P/WR): I’ve already set the all-time career points record for the school which is awesome. But I’d also like to leave a legacy of effort behind. No matter how games end, that no one ever quits mid-game.

#9 Christopher Reed (DB): I hope to leave a legacy of a passionately aggressive work ethic and play style.

#77 Damian Brown (OL/DL): I hope to leave behind a legacy of hard work because without it, you can’t succeed.

What advice do you have for underclassmen?

#65 Dermon Richard (RT/DT): Give this game your all, and it’s going to pay dividends.

#14 Bridger Jones (K/P/WR): Never stop wanting to win. Don’t lose the fun and love for football trying to win either.

#9 Christopher Reed (DB): To my underclassmen, I’d say don’t give up on anything you truly believe in.

#4 John Cady (WR): Some advice I have for underclassmen is to not be afraid to be confident and step up.

#77 Damian Brown (OL/DL): My advice to underclassmen is to enjoy these moments because they will fly by in an instant.

What are you going to miss most from playing football for CHS?

#65 Dermon Richard (RT/DT): The brotherhood we have on the team.

#14 Bridger Jones (K/P/WR): The fans, what a great fan base at CHS to play in front of. They have shown out.

#9 Christopher Reed (DB): And what I’ll miss most about playing CHS football will probably be the time I got to spend with my brothers and teammates.

#4 John Cady (WR): I’m going to miss the friends and family I made playing football at CHS.

#77 Damian Brown (OL/DL): I’m going to miss the bonds I created with all my teammates over the years.


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