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Setting the Team Up for Success: Riley Yates

Last year after the starting setter was injured, Columbus High School sophomore, Riley Yates, was moved up to the starting position and continues this role on the volleyball team.

Yates was first introduced to the game of volleyball in sixth grade and has continued to play for the past five years.

It wasn’t until the seventh grade when Yates was introduced to positions on the court through a volleyball club which allowed her the perfect opportunity to become a setter.

“I found [that] the setter role was definitely a leadership position and takes much determination” remarks Yates.

This undying love for Volleyball was set in motion by her sister, Rachael.

Yates went to numerous volleyball games and tournaments to watch Rachael play throughout middle school and high school.

Rachael introduced Yates to the fundamentals of the game, affecting her interest in Volleyball.

“She taught me some basics,” said Yates, “and created [the] foundation of the player I am today.”

Yates has been taught many lessons from volleyball throughout the past five years, such as determination, diligence, time management, and the sense of being able to lean on others for support.

“Being able to lean on others and having trust is super important because it has taught me I do not have to do everything myself and shows me I am not alone” stated Yates.

There are many definitions of a team player, but she describes a team player as, “someone who plays for the team, wanting the team to get the credit instead of only themselves.”

Yates was inspired by volleyball player, Marlie Monserez.

Monserez is a setter for the Florida Gators Volleyball team.

“Every time I watch her play, she not only displays her talent on the court but also spreads positivity and encouragement to her teammates,” remarks Yates.

Riley Yates plans to continue as the CHS starting setter for the next two years and making her devotion to Christ and service towards others the main focus of her life after high school.


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