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"Shaw"ing the Competition How it's Done

Columbus High School Basketball Cheerleaders support the Varsity Girls Basketball Team in their game vs. Shaw High School.

CHS Basketball Cheerleaders cheer on the Varsity Boys Basketball team in their game vs. Shaw High School.

The Basketball Cheerleaders line up to welcome the Boys Varsity Basketball Team before their game against Shaw High School.

The 2021-2022 Basketball Cheerleaders pose for a quick picture before the Boys Varsity Game. Pictured are Marissa Byrd, Kendall Anderson, Lauren Cruickshank, Saphira Etienne, Jamiyah Brinkley, Chloe Geter, Chelzi Williams, Vanessa Pepper, Madison Rowe, Kemfon Obong-Marcus, Mariyhana Brundidge, and Kassandra Jordan.


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