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The Future of the Medical Field: HOSA Club

Columbus High’s HOSA Club is an excellent resource for all students who are interested in a medical career. The club offers a variety of learning experiences along with entertaining activities and community service.

HOSA originally stood for “Health Occupations Students of America.” After some time, the name was changed to the official title of “Future Health Professionals.” This club is offered nationwide, and has over 7,500 students participating annually.

The HOSA Club is run under the Science Department at CHS. Due to funding complications, HOSA Club does not participate in competitions but instead works within the school and community.

The club members seek to participate in city walks to support organizations in Columbus such as “Walk to the End of Alzheimer’s 2021.” Along with this, the HOSA Club raises money for nursing homes.

HOSA has had guest speakers from medical professions visit to give advice and information to the club members about their future career paths.

“We are expecting a Cardiologist to come visit us soon,” Mrs. McConnell confirmed.

A couple of these inspirational speakers were former CHS students themselves who educated the members on how to build a good medical resume.

In HOSA Club, leadership roles are offered to help the club grow as a whole.

“The leadership team decides, ‘ Where do we want to go? What are some good ideas [for the club]?’” Mrs. McConnel, the faculty advisor, explains.

With student minds at work, HOSA Club created “HOSA Week” in an effort to distribute health-related goody bags to the faculty.

The HOSA Club offers a variety of educational opportunities as well. The club has hosted classes such as CPR training to certify the students in life-saving skills.

The HOSA Club meets the third Thursday of every month before school in the auditorium. Because of the financial issues that COVID has created, no dues are presently charged to the members.

Overall, the HOSA Club has many options for any CHS student expecting to go into the medical career.


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