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The GEMS of Columbus High

Columbus High School’s GEMS Club empowers female students to seek careers in the STEM field.

GEMS stands for Girls in Engineering, Mathematics, and Science. Originally, the GEMS Clubs started at Richards Middle School in 2017. A graduate of Richards then brought the club over to CHS. Since then, CHS has supported the academic club with pride.

The GEMS Club works to create a learning environment where female students can expand their knowledge and passion for STEM-related topics.

“[GEMS] are just a group of girls who encourage each other to continue STEM in a field that is not dominated by women,” Ms. Moyer, host of the club, explains.

The club hosts things such as the YouTube channel called “GEMS.” Videos on this channel discuss women in the STEM field and their contributions.

GEMS Club also participates in activities off-campus. Members of the club offer STEM subject tutoring services for elementary and middle school students. These services are excellent opportunities to help the community and bring more young girls into the field of Science and Mathematics.

The GEMS Club meets on the third Monday of every month before school. The club is open to all grades and boasts over one hundred members.

There are no sign-ups necessary to enter the club. All female students interested in a STEM career are encouraged to take part in the GEMS Club.

In the words of Fabiola Gianott, a female particle physicist, “Science has no passport, no gender, no race, no culture, no political party… science is universal and unifying.”


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