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Two Gloves, One Ball; Seniors on the Softball Field

Two leaders on and off the field have come to be Seniors together this year and are more than ready to play ball.

Justice Walton and Gracie Entlich play together in the outfield for the CHS Lady Blue Devils softball team.

The season is over a month in and the team has already won several games.

“I am very pleased with how we are doing so far. We still have some improving to do, but we have a lot of potential,” Walton said

“This season, I am most excited about getting the opportunity to lead these amazing girls and see how far we can make it into the playoffs,” Entlich said, similarly to Walton.

Justice Walton has been playing softball for most of her life, and has never not been drawn to it.

“I love the game, and it’s been a part of my life so long. I honestly don’t know what I would do with myself if I couldn’t play anymore.”

Walton’s proudest moment in softball was when she made a game saving diving catch during the Callaway tournament during her sophomore year.

Entlich’s proudest moment in softball at CHS was her recognition as the 2nd athlete with the highest batting average on the team last year and making All-Bi-City 2nd team.

Entlich encourages freshmen to be confident and “don’t stress about mistakes and move on with life.”

Walton reinforces similar tips by saying “enjoy everything you can. High school doesn’t last forever but the memories do, so try to make good ones.”

Both Walton and Entlich balance their school, athletic, and social lives by making sure they focus on school first, then athletics, and make time for social life when they get breaks from both.

“I want to be a part of something that future students will be able to see, like the State Championship banners in the gym," Walton explained, "For the softball team, I want to be able to have a softball sign on the fence that I helped add.”

Gracie Entlich declared, “I want to leave behind a legacy to a successful student athlete who is representative of her school and her name.”

Both students are maturing into strong, confident, and empowering young women. There is no doubt that they won’t leave behind an inspiring legacy for other young athletes to be motivated by.

These two girls have put time and effort into their high school’s softball team every year they attended the school.

“I am very excited to see how far we go this season!” Entlich exclaimed.


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