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Why Stop at Seven? Six More Seniors Commit

On Thursday, April 9th, six seniors were signed to various colleges for an array of sports: cheer, swim, volleyball, basketball, and baseball.

Catherine Kennedy signed to swim for the United States Merchant Marine Academy, and Lauryn Whittlesey committed to play volleyball for Middle Georgia State College.

Additionally, Charles Stone signed to play baseball for Kennesaw State University--a Division I school in Macon, Georgia. Hogan Mayhew committed to play baseball for Andrew College.

Gideon Amissah also signed for basketball and track for Luther College, a private university in Decorah, Iowa.

"I've been playing basketball at CHS since my freshman year, and I first started playing organized basketball my 5th-grade year," Amissah reveals.

"The environment, the coaches, [and] the people there" are what influenced Amissah's decision to commit to Luther College.

"I was really skeptical [about] going all the way up to the Midwest, but seeing everybody with a smile on their face, and [knowing that] they would help me reach my future goals really helped me make my decision."

Caroline Lester signed to Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama as a member of their competition cheer squad.

"At Samford, [the cheerleaders] don't compete, they just do football and basketball [cheer], and then, I'll do different events throughout the campus if they need us," she explains.

Lester has been doing competition cheer for 8 years total but grew her desire to continue cheering at the collegiate level once she joined CHS's competition cheer squad her freshman year.

"I toured [Samford] back in April of my junior year, and I had not really known anything about it, [but] I just fell in love with the campus and the people there--the community was just so good, and all the people were so nice and really welcoming," Lester praises.

Lauryn Whittlesey shows off her Middle Georgia attire while snapping a photo with Coach Laye and fellow volleyball players.

Catherine Kennedy poses with Jordyn Howard (12) after her signing.

Gideo Amissah is interviewed by WTVM following the signing.
Hogan Mayhew dawns Andrew College gear while posing with his parents.


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