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We Are the Champions: Wrestling Brings Home Two State Titles

Columbus High Wrestling competed in the GHSA Traditional Wrestling State Championships this weekend, winning two championships titles.

Sophomores Tyler Nguyen (10) and Tyler Secoy (10) brought home the titles for their respective classes.

Brackets were separated by weight classes. Nguyen competed in the 113 lbs class and Secoy contended in the 170 lbs class. Each bracket consisted of the 12 best 4-A wrestlers in the state.

Secoy was not intimidated by his competition, "I felt more excited that I had the opportunity to perform at that high of a level."

Both wrestlers fought their way through multiple rounds of the tournament, leading up to the final championship match against the state's bests.

In the moments leading up to the pivotal final match, Nguyen did not let his nerves get to him.

"All I could think about was my plan I created to beat the other guy," explains the state champion, "I had created it as soon as I won my semi-finals match, and it was the only thing on my mind leading up to the finals."

Months and months of blood, sweat, and tears went into winning the state title. Such a feat cannot be done without extreme determination and perseverance.

Nguyen reflects on the hard work that went into preparing for this tournament, "Pushing through days where I was tired, hungry, and didn't want to practice all were a part of the journey."

Their hard work and determination has sketched their names into the Columbus High history books.

Secoy is honored to have such a legacy, "I am so glad that I will be able to come back when I am an adult and see my name on the wall and be able to remember the great times at CHS."

The two sophomores have two more years of high school wrestling ahead of them, and both intend to make the most of it. They are not going to settle for just one state title.

"My main focus is to win two more state titles and become a 3x champion," explains Nguyen, "To accomplish this would put me over the moon because it is a rare feat among wrestlers in Georgia."


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