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5 Things I Wish I Knew On My First Day, As a Transfer Student

Laney Williams

Starting a new school is a common struggle among many, especially when you're entering an environment where everyone already knows everyone.

Alyna Gilbert (10) states, ̈I was scared that I would be invisible to everybody, and be

ignored by people because I didn't fit in with the crowd. ̈

So, here are my tips and tricks of things I wish I knew on my first day:

1. Making friends is so simple at Columbus Highschool (CHS). The second you say ̈Hi ̈

to a new face, you have a friend that will always wave to you in the hallways, or show

you the ropes.

2. Getting involved is so important. It's also really easy because CHS wants you to be here.

CHS has so many options for different interests, and you're bound to meet someone who

will go with you.

3. School spirit is probably one of the biggest things here. I am so glad I was warned that it

would be in my best interest to come decked out on spirit days. Not only is it fun to be

involved, but you definitely stick out like a sore thumb if you're not.

4. Do your work. CHS is a challenging school. The second you don't finish a paper or

project you are days behind. I actually enjoy this environment because it continues to

keep me learning, but every time you are handed something to complete, do it then and


5. CHS isn't your average high school environment. CHS students are unlike students at

your typical high school. Students and faculty want to talk to you, they want to do well,

and they don't care about the basic high school stereotypes. CHS is a breath of fresh air

for someone who knows how other schools work.

Overall, my advice for a student coming in late to the party is to not be scared. CHS is worth

your while, and being nervous isn't worth it.


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