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A New Club Emerges: The Shelter Service Club

Jaila Prier

With the start of the new school year, Columbus High has a new club coming: The

Shelter Service Club! The club created with the intention to help those in the local Columbus area who are in need.

In the Shelter Service Club, members are going to set up donation boxes around the school at separate times during the school year for various goods to be donated to the local shelters in Columbus.

Members will also be volunteering around in various places throughout Columbus and will

possibly be doing different acts of community service.

Stop by one of the many donation boxes set up throughout Columbus High’s corridors to drop off any items that are possibly lying around at home.

Some of the items listed on the box include school supplies, poster boards, new brushes &

combs, pens, books for various age groups, arts & crafts supplies, toiletry items (lotion, soap,

shampoo, feminine hygiene products), individually wrapped candy, and children and youth board games.

There is one box near the library and one near the main hallway on the second floor.

A collection time for all items has not been scheduled yet but will be discussed later between club members and officers.

Any donations are greatly appreciated and can help someone who could possibly be in need of that certain item.


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