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A New Tradition: Powder Puff Lacrosse

On Friday January 13th, Columbus High School hosted their first Powder Puff Lacrosse tournament at Kinnett Stadium. There were a total of six games completed, and Coach Fowler served as the referee for the competition.

For the tournament there were five different teams: Hot Pink Prime (Seniors), Green Goblins (Seniors), Pink Panthers (Sophomores), Golden Grizzlies (Sophomores), and Blue Bounty (Juniors and Freshmen).

Although teams were originally designated by grade level, Junior and Freshman students combined into a singular team due to having fewer numbers. After six bracket-styled games, the Green Goblins earned the 2023 Powder Puff Lacrosse champion title.

The Green Goblins pose for an end game picture with the bracket in hand. In total, they played three games of lacrosse.

Originally, the idea for a Powder Puff Lacrosse Tournament was designed by CHS Senior, Averi Gibson.

“A junior guy said that he wanted to play lacrosse, and [that] he would like a new Powder Puff,” Gibson (12) explained.

Being a lacrosse player herself, Gibson wanted to create a new source for funding the CHS lacrosse program. Therefore, all proceeds from the tournament went to the lacrosse team’s financial needs.

The Gold Grizzlies compete against the Blue Bounty. After four quarters of intense competition, the Blue Bounty team won the match.

Despite the chilly weather at Kinnett Stadium that evening, the CHS Powder Puff Lacrosse tournament succeeded in fueling team spirit and support for the 2023 lacrosse season.


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