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A Spotlight on the Latin Club

Sophia Arencibia Columbus High's very own Junior Classical League (JCL) meets the final Thursday of each month in room 313.

The JCL, also known as the Latin Club, is expanding its boundaries and enlisting more officers for this school year. All students of CHS are welcome to join, regardless of whether they are taking Latin or not.

Though the Club is a great environment for anyone and everyone wishing to experience a community full of people who love Classical Culture, the JCL currently only has 2 officers, Charlotte Young (12) and Shruthi Sankar (12).

The Latin Club sponsor, Mr. Rosa, is extremely passionate about Latin and classical culture, especially considering the opportunities it can open for students.

"Many university admissions officers understand the rarity, usefulness, and rigor of learning Latin," Mr. Rosa explained. The JCL also offers the opportunity to take optional exams on classical cultures and languages. These tests are optional, and do not effect you if you score poorly on them. However, taking the tests and passing will lead to a great resume booster. On average, these tests cost about $8-$5.

Mr. Rosa continued by stating, "Latin can tip the scales in an applicant’s favor as it suggests useful knowledge, problem-solving skills, and the willingness/work ethic to take on a challenge."

Learning Latin can improve students abilities in reading, writing, and taking standardized tests.

When asked what he would tell anyone considering learning Latin and looking for the next step, Mr. Rosa offered up the advice, "Take Latin! While it may not necessarily be easy, few worthwhile things are."

The JCL is a great club for critical thinkers, as students apply problem solving skills to piece sentences in Latin together. With a club environment in which any student, no matter their previous knowledge of the course, can flourish, joining JCL is a great step in the right direction.


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