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Adelle Stay: Freshman Class President

Updated: Jan 24

By: Nora Fivecoat

Student Government is among many of the leadership opportunities offered at Columbus High. This year, Adelle Stay was elected as president of the Freshman class. 

Adelle was one of 4 candidates that ran for office in August. She campaigned by handing out flyers, stickers, bracelets, and buttons, and was elected on August 28, 2023 after a week of campaigning. 

“Sometimes it was scary to put myself out there and talk to people during the election, but it was worth it because I got to meet new people, and ultimately, I won the election.”

Before coming to Columbus High, Stay attended St. Luke School. She made the decision to come to Columbus High because she knew it would “prepare her for college and the future.” She hopes to become a doctor, and she is confident that she will be ready for that career after graduating from CHS.  

Adelle is not only class president at CHS, but she is also in FCA and HOSA. Additionally, outside of school, she dances at Academy Dance School. 

As class president, Adelle is able to further connect with her peers and influence the decisions at Columbus High. 

“I like being president because I feel like I can help my classmates.”

Adele is grateful to be the Freshman class president this year, and she is excited to see where this year takes her.


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