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Here to Make a Difference: CHS Recycling Club

The Recycling Club is a new student club developed by sophomore Eunchan Choo to encourage recycling practices in the Columbus High School community. In this article, Choo describes his reasoning behind creating the organization.

“I lived in Korea,” Choo explains, “and when I was living there, recycling was an everyday thing. When I came [to Columbus], my elementary and middle school practiced recycling. But when I came to [CHS], our high school was not recycling.”

Choo feels that recycling is a vital aspect of a community, and Columbus High School is not an exception.

“We produce a lot of waste everyday, and we should definitely recycle the things we can. If we waste, we are not help[ing] the environment,” Choo asserts.

Currently, the Recycling club consists of around fifteen CHS students. The members are responsible for distributing and maintaining recycling bins located in teachers’ classrooms. Club members collect and empty the bins once a week. 

“Almost all of the bins are filled to the rim. It’s going very well right now,” Choo smiles.

Ultimately, Choo hopes to expand his recycling efforts by working with the entirety of Muscogee County. 

“Our county doesn’t have glass recycling,” Choo explains, “so I think if our club grows then we can talk to the county and work with them to start glass recycling.”

The Recycling Club meets biweekly. Students who are interested in joining the club should speak to Señora Mendez in room 308.

A recycling bin from the Recycling club.


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