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AP Biology Course "Natural" Selection Guide

As one of the few Advanced Placement science courses offered at CHS, AP Biology can serve as an introduction to rigorous courses in this subject area.

In AP Biology, students will learn about "the core scientific principles, theories, and processes that govern living organisms and biological systems," according to College Board.

Since a prerequisite for this class is Honors Biology (although College Board recommends taking both biology and chemistry) AP Biology is unavailable for freshmen.

In comparison to the required science classes previously mentioned, this course is "a lot more independent, outside of class stuff," says AP Biology teacher Mrs. Catchings.

"I always assign reading guides, so you'll have to do some reading and studying beforehand, and then we do our discussion in class," she adds.

"It's more application," she goes on. "I don't typically assign a ton of homework because I know every night you're gonna be studying, reviewing notes, [and] reviewing AP Classroom stuff."

AP Classroom is defined as "an online resource for students enrolled in AP courses taught by authorized AP teachers," by College Board International

"I recommend studying for about 30 minutes maybe a day or two before the unit tests. The classwork isn't that hard so the main [purpose] of studying would be for the tests," advises sophomore Fernando Varela-Leon.

"You can memorize things all day long, and you can still fail your test because it's not about memorization, it's applying," Catchings reveals.

"If [you] can tell [me] what it is, how it works, and how it works differently in different organisms and different environments, that's gonna get you to that passing [score]."

"The difficulty of those tests sometimes" and "how much they're worth for your grade" are two things Varela-Leon wishes he knew before taking AP Biology.

Despite the rigorousness of the course, AP Biology does have a high passing rate.

"I usually have an 80-something-percent pass rate," says Catchings.


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