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Art For the Future: Ap Studio Art

AP Studio Art is a class for young and upcoming artists who have completed Art 3 or bring in a portfolio for those who have not completed the different art classes 1-3. It is primarily an independent course that allows students to create their own works of art and be judged by college standards.

The class follows the format of students doing independent projects. New art projects are started every 2-3 weeks and those projects will be judged on a college level. A student will produce 5 works that show conceptual, technical, and critical thinking skills throughout the year and apply them to their art form which they can choose between. The 3 choices are 2D, 3D, and drawing which will be the medium of their portfolio. The student will present 15 art pieces throughout the year to add to their official portfolio.

Abbey Haines, the Page One nominee for art and a student within the class, comments” You have control over everything here. It’s all your choice and for some people, it might be anxiety-inducing, but it's really freeing.”

Noah Graff “I can use this class to motivate myself to work on the specific type of art."

“It sets you up if you want to pursue art and creating a portfolio. It prepares you for college art.” Abbey Haines added.

“I think that this class is wonderful for students who want to have a base for art in college. You can really start to understand how artworks in college and that's honestly one of the best parts of this class” Ms. Brand said.


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