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CHS Appreciates its Seniors!

Updated: May 9, 2023

Jaila Prier

Seniors at Columbus High got to celebrate Senior Appreciation week at school before they were let out for the upcoming spring break before finals. The week was celebrated to cherish the time and commitment that CHS seniors have put in during their four years at Columbus High.

On Monday, March 27, class of 2023 got to wear their painted crowns proudly throughout CHS hallways and were rewarded with a cupcake at lunch.

On Tuesday, March 28, the seniors got to dress up as their future or dream careers. Some of these careers included healthcare related ones and also others such as art focused ones. At lunch, seniors got to enjoy hot buttery popcorn during their lunch period.

Wednesday, March 29, seniors had an “Anything but a Backpack Day,” where they could bring anything to carry their supplies around the building. Students got creative and brought items such as garbage cans, mailboxes, and even kiddie sized swimming pools. During their lunch, they were allowed to choose a drink and a snack to indulge in in the cafeteria.

For Thursday, seniors had a “Younger You” day where they were given the opportunity to dress up as a recreation of a picture of their younger self. While in homeroom, students were given a sweet treat to eat in the morning.

Pictured: Kendall Anderson (12) dressed as a childhood photo of herself.

In the morning of Friday, March 30 at around 8:00 a.m., seniors got to enjoy a Chick-fil-A chicken biscuit for breakfast. During this day, seniors put silly superlatives on their shirts.

“It was really nice, because we have been through four years of high school and we are getting appreciated for making it towards the end,” says Marissa Byrd (12) when asked how she felt about the appreciation week.

Another senior, Brinae Pugh says that the week was “very exciting due to the creative spirit days CHS put together for us."


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