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CHS Diversity Club Presents Diversity Showcase

Toluwa Ekundayo

On January 28, 2023, CHS presented its first diversity showcase. The showcase was organized by Diversity Club Presidents Brinae Pugh, Vannesa Pepper, and Shruthi Shankar.

The Diversity Showcase was a chance for Columbus High students to showcase their cultural diversity. Columbus High is considered among the most diverse school in the Muscogee County school district. To foster more diversity and inclusion at the school, Diversity Club members pushed for a showcase that could represent and embrace the multiculturalism of the student body. Numerous groups were represented at the showcase, including South Asian, West African, Caribbean, African American, Latin American, East Asian, and Middle Eastern cultures.

Brinae Pugh says that “the idea of hosting a production at our school was something that initially felt out of my comfort zone. After seeing the amazing acts and talented students we had within our club, I was more than happy to be able to host this beautiful celebration of diversity for my school. I’m beyond proud of our students and fellow co-presidents for making this show happen. It was truly an amazing experience, and I hope this showcase can continue for years to come.

Before the showcase began, audience members could indulge in cultural foods made by Diversity Club members from various ethnic groups.

The food included jollof rice, gizdodo, bamya, quesadillas, and curry chicken. While eating, audience members could also get portraits done by Stacie Smith.

The showcase consisted of 10 acts and a fashion show with cultural dances, singing, and poems. One of the most popular acts among audience members was Ashima Khan, Saphira Ettienne, and CJ William's modern twist on the Saki Saki dance.

Ashima Khan (left), CJ Williams (middle), and Saphira Ettienne (right).

Ashima Khan says that “the diversity showcase was an amazing experience for me to be able to show off my culture as well as being able to dance which are my two favorite things. Also having Saphira and CJ join me in doing the dance, proves to people how others can appreciate a culture and be included without having to be from that specific culture I loved being able to choreograph this dance and it was very fun to dance with my closest friends and have a great time learning about other cultures during the performance.”


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