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CHS Football Wraps up the Season

As the Football Season comes to an end, athletes and coaches reflect on the season’s highs and lows.

The Columbus High School Varsity Football team has a record of 2-7 for the season so far. With wins against Jordan and Shaw High School, as well as good plays throughout the season, the football team is ready to head into their final game.

Senior wide receiver and free safety, Fidel Small Jr., describes the way he feels for his last football game as “pure excitement” and later states, “I plan to have as much fun during this game as possible because it’s the last football game. I have no true sadness yet, but I’m hoping it doesn’t hit me in the end.”

Small received player of the game six times, with three of those being for offensive and two defensive.

In the CHS v. Crisp County game, Small was selected as CHS overall football player of the game with an INT for TD(31-yard return), 4 Receptions for 75 yards, and 3 kickoff returns for 63 yards.

#24, Brooklyn Davis, comments on the support of the coaches during the season, “[They] motivated the team when we were at our lowest points in the season and still believed in us every time we messed up.”

For the CHS v. Shaw game, Davis was selected as the overall Columbus football player of the game with 20 carries for 193 yards, and 2 catches for 5 yards (3TDs).

#22, Jayden Woods, describes how he feels about the last game, “I don’t really have any strong feelings about this being my last game because this is my first year playing football. However, I am upset that I didn’t start playing sooner because I feel that I would have developed a true passion for the sport and a stronger connection to the team given more time.”

CHS Senior, Luis Ramirez-Bell reflects before his very last game of the season, ”I am waiting for the game to happen because, for the first time since playing football, I’m not nervous.”

In order to prepare throughout the season, the football coaching staff comes together on Sundays to review films from previous games, watch films on their next opponent, and prepare a practice plan.

“Despite the win/loss record they get out and play hard every game,” remarks Coach Marino, “and handle each and every week as if it is their first game of the season.”

On Friday nights, the CHS student body files into the stadiums decked out, in support of the football team.

“The students come out and support the team despite our record and our players really appreciate all of it and the pep rallies are incredible. It brings out the incredible school spirit of CHS,” stated Coach Marino.

Come out and support the Columbus High Football team for their last game of the season on October 27th at 7pm, against Monroe High School.

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Photo Credits: Kaleb Robinson


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